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3i Template IT Solution has a strong, proven track record in delivering software solutions to many health sectors and organizations. 3i Template IT specializes in providing software solutions to many organizations in the enterprise applications market. Our solutions excel in this market space because they have been specifically designed to optimize the decision-marking capabilities of dynamic and complex organizations. Rapidly growing companies need to select software that can be implemented on-time and on-budget.

The solution must work without the need to partner with third parties. You need results and deliver a solid return on investment.

3i Template IT offers a total enterprise suite solution. We design, develop, market, implement, and support all the solutions we promote. We also offer a wide range of facility management and ongoing services to our clients once the solution is implemented.

Our own dedicated staffs are accountable from the very beginning to the end of your software project, as well as providing ongoing services and support once the system is up and running.

This unique business model, where we design, develop and provide after sales support for our own software solutions, holds us accountable to our clients. Our one-stop approach guarantees your concerns are our concerns, whether you are focused on technology infrastructure, on-time on-budget implementations, or excellence in support and customer service. The buck stops with us.

As the software developer and after sales service provide, we won’t just drop a solution from our product line or sales process as distributors can, and do. Future is our future.

We believe our future and success is inextricably linked to that of our clients. Because of this, we invest much more in product R&D then the industry average, ensuring that our underpinning technology and products are always state-of-the-art. We guarantee to ‘future-proof’ our clients’ investment in technology in the medium and long-term.


3i Template IT Solutions

3i Template IT Solutions