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Registration Fee: 6,000/-

Training Duration: 1 Month (12 classes)

Training Slots: 

Regular Batch
Days: 3 days a week
Training Slot: 1. SAT-MON-WED   2. SUN-TUE-THU

Special Batch
Days: 1 day a week
Training  Slot: FRIDAY

Internship: 2 Months Internship After Completion of Training.

Salary/TA/DA: Tk. 700 will be paid per month during Internship.


Program Contents:

Affiliation # 1: Website With Google Blogger

  • How and why to use blogger methods?
  • Blog Creation
  • Create Post
  • Create Menu
  • Insert images to Google Image
  • Inert Image from Google Image to Blog
  • Set Image Caption & Properties
  • Apply Links to Blog Text
  • Share to FB Own Time Line
  • Blogger SEO
  • Blog Layouts
  • Blog Template
  • Blog Settings
  • Google Submission
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Reviews
  • Exam


Affiliation # 2: SMM Online-Marketing on Facebook

  1. Social Media Marketing Basics
  2. New Id creation of FB, Twitter and Gmail.
  3. How to 100% completion of FB profiles.
  4. Niche selection methods and techniques.
  5. Marketplace
    1. What is marketplace.
    2. How to register.
    3. How to select products.
    4. How to get links of products.
  6. Facebook
    1. How to create FB Fan Pages.
    2. How to create FB Groups.
    3. How to add FB friends
    4. How to add FB groups and conditions.
    5. How to add FB friends and conditions.
    6. How to post on FB groups and conditions.
    7. How to send message individually and conditions.
    8. How to schedule post to FB fan page.
    9. How to increate likes on FB fan page.
  7. Twitter and Tweepi
    1. Complete 100% profile.
    2. How to add followers and conditions.
    3. How to flash and conditions.
    4. How to post on Twitter and conditions.
  8. How to schedule post on FB, Twitter.


After successfully completion of the training only the eligible candidates may get the opportunity for two months internship program.

Call for details now: 01961524145, 01713867116