Diagnostic Billing System Software Solutions

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About Software

It’s a very user friendly software. Operators feel very comfort of using it. Top level management can get different types of reports and information withing a very short time which helps them taking managerial decision and excel the business forward.

What is in this software:

1. Services & Activities / Billing or Invoice Generation

i. Create Unique Invoice No.
ii. Create Medical Record No. (For Hospital patients diagnostic investigation if connected with hospital)
iii. Patient’s Basic Information
iv. Tag Referred Doctor
v. Tag Sales Person
vi. Tag Sales Representative (SR)
vii. Tat Q. Doctor
viii. Multiple Layered Investigation Entry Option
ix. Quick Searching Facilities Where Required
x. Lab No. & Remarks Entry
xi. Delivery Date Time
xii. Invoice Type (Normal/Urgent)
xiii. Payment Mode (Cash/Credit Card/Cheque/DD)
xiv. Discount/Complementary Option
xv. Advance Collection
xvi. Cash Transfer Report (User/Operator handover his/her cash to main accounts)
xvii. Check Invoice
xviii. Sales (User/Operator check his/her daily sales)
xix. Total Summary At A Glance (User/Operator sales summary)
xix. Generate Invoice (Print, Preview)

2. Due Collection

01. Due Collection / Refund Option
02. Delivery Discount
03. Remarks

3. Managerial Report (MIS)

01. Cash Collection Statements
02. Report Delivery Collection Statements
03. Sales Statements
04 Investigation Statements
05 Due Statements
06 Referral Statements
07 Setup Information
08 Doctor Wise Statements

4. Administrative Tools / Setup Data

01. Users Setup
02. Doctors Setup
03. Departments Setup
04. Services Setup
05. Admin Setup
06. User Permission

5. Laboratory Reports

Laboratory Report Generation Menu

Diagnostic Billing System Software Solutions