Hospital Management System Software

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(New Package – Desktop Based Application With  NO CUSTOMIZATON)


Phases of the Project

This project is included Seven core modules.  These modules are independent for robustness and capability.   It uses state of the art front end with solid back-end databases.  We divided these modules in two phases for the smooth integration.  The phases are described below in figure 1.1.  


sl Modules
1 Hospital Management System [HMS]

a.     IP-Admission

b.     IP-Billing Services

c.      IP-Cash Register

d.     IP-Discharge Certificate

e.      IP-Nursing Point

2 Diagnostic & Laboratory Information System [DLIS]

a.     Diagnostic Billing System

b.     Laboratory Information System [LIS]

3 Inventory Management System
4 Pharmacy Management System
5 Out-Patient/OPD [OPD]

  1. OPD Consultation
  2. OPD Emergency
  3. OPD OT
  4. OPD Dialysis
  5. OPD Physiotherapy
  6. OPD Eye
  7. OPD ENT
  8. OPD Dental
6 OT Scheduling
7 Managerial Query

Financial Terms & Conditions:

Module Wise Costing

SL. Modules Tk.(BDT)
1 Hospital Management System [HMS] 55,000
2 Diagnostic & Laboratory Information System [DLIS] 15,000
3 Inventory Management System [IMS] 12,000
4 Pharmacy Management System [PMS] 12,000
5 Out-Patient/OPD [OPD] 12,000
6 OT Scheduling 10,000
7 Managerial Query 10,000
  Package Total 1,26,000


Payment Method For Each Individual Module:

The following table describes the terms of payment cycles for the total solution which is applicable for the Full Project Costing.

Cycle Payment Method & Conditions
One 50% Payment as ADVANCE on the day of installation of each module.
Two 50% (Rest of the amount) Payment must ensure just after one month on installation of each module.


Support & Service:

  1. Client will ensure to pay Tk. 100 for On-Line support.
  2. Cient will also ensure to pay Traveling Cost + Accommodation Cost + Food Cost + Tk. 500 if visit required for support engineers.


Presentation: Hospital Management System Software Solutions

Other Conditions:

“Hotline” Support for contacting the 3i Template IT Solutions

The 3i Template IT Solutions will provide the following communication mechanisms for the client to use when asking for support:

(a)           Telephone Support.  3i Template IT Solutions shall maintain a Condor telephone hotline during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday) to assist client in reporting errors and in providing first-line support in the use and operation of the SOFTWARE.
(b)           Internet Connection (Remote access).  3i Template IT Solutions shall maintain a remote access the express purpose of providing contracted Condor support.  This special access shall be managed by “trouble ticket” software which tracks problem progress on an incident by incident basis in order to ensure a timely turn-around for the client.


Important Notes:

  • Price quoted are exclusive of any taxes, AIT, VAT or any other Govt. or non Govt. payable or banking charges, excise duties or deduction, all such charges will be on client account.
  • Quoted prices dose not include third party software (e.g. operating system, Database e.g.: Oracle, SQL Server or any other RDBMS, Application Server etc). It is client’s responsibility to procure/obtain at their own discretion. 3i Template IT Solutions will not responsible for the Installation and maintenance of any database level functionality.
  • Price quoted dose not include any hardware (computer, server, OS loading or installation, Scanner, Printer etc) network product, cable, etc or electrical equipment.
  • 3i Template IT Solutions will not provide any type of source code of the proposed solution; however 3i Template IT Solutions will provide all sorts of Deployment & Installation disks of their solution.
  • This offer will remain valid for a period of 30 days from the date of submission.
  • All payments should be made via “Accounts Pay”, issued in favor of 3i Template IT Solutions.
  • Client must ensure and provide a minimum configuration level Database Server.
  • Client should ensure installation of Windows Server 2003/2008 Operating System in Database Server.
  • Client should ensure Antivirus in Server and all client PC.
  • Client should ensure online connectivity for 24 hours online support.
  • Client must ensure appropriate working environment while installing software.