Hospital Management System

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sl Modules Phases 2
sl Modules
1 Hospital Management System [HMS] 5 OPD Consultation, OPD Procedure OT, Emergency, Physiotherapy, Dialysis, Dental, Diabetes, Eye, ENT, etc.
2 Pharmacy Management System [PMS] 6 Inventory Management System [IMS]
3 Diagnostic & Laboratory Information System [DLIS] 7 OT Scheduling Management System [OTSMS]
   4  Managerial Query 8 Doctor Prescription, Patient History




Features of Hospital Management System Software | 3i Template IT Solutions

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Technical Information



Software “CUSTOMIZED SOFTWARE OF HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is integrated, multitasking which is required for smooth operation of Your Organization.
Peripherals Requirement A LAN or WAN with a server and required workstations (Depending upon your requirement). The software is multitasking – so you can do other jobs in the same PC simultaneously. For installation, the computers must be defined and informed to us.
Network Support The software support network sharing. So, you can install in any PC and monitor from a distance PC using LAN or WAN.
Installation Our installation engineer will do the necessary installation.
Maintenance Our support staff will provide you support in this software for the first six months free of charges with Travel and accommodation expenses should be provided by the clients. However, this support will not cover any difficulties in the computer components, LAN, WAN or user’s mishandling of the software.
User Training The user will enjoy training and implementation service on each module, as they required. The details of different level of training are as follows:1.       Presentation to the departmental heads.2.       System security, user interface and Menu Maintenance for system/ database administrator.3.       System concepts and Design for the module administrator.4.       System Operation for the Users/ Operators
Copyright 3i Template IT Solutions holds the absolute copyright of this software, it can be provided to authorize clients as well with the understanding that it will only be used for their internal use.
Customization Further customization would be provided by negotiation of both parties.
Up gradation 3i Template IT Solutions will provide you any upgrade version/bug fixed of this software without any extra cost.
Technology – Visual Basicq      MS SQL 2000/2008, Oracle 8i/11g or Advantage Database Server- Win Server 2003/2008 on Server, Windows Xp/7 on Clients PC.- Thin Client n-tier Architecture- Seagate Crystal Reports Ad-Hoc Reporting- MS Office Integration
Up gradation of Technology An additional cost will be added for migration of up graded version ofq      Database: MS SQL 2008 or Oracle 11g.OS: Win Server 2008 on Server, Windows 7 on Clients PC.
Database Maintenance It is client responsibility to ensure the database level maintenance and keeping backups regularly. We suggest that maintenance should be done by DBA level expertise.
“Hotline” Support Telephone Support.  3i Template IT Solutions shall maintain a Condor telephone hotline during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday) to assist client in reporting errors and in providing first-line support in the use and operation of the SOFTWARE.Internet Connection (Remote access).  3i Template IT Solutions shall maintain a remote access the express purpose of providing contracted Condor support.  This special access shall be managed by “trouble ticket” software which tracks problem progress on an incident by incident basis in order to ensure a timely turn-around for the client.
Deployment Tools 3i Template IT Solutions will provide all sorts of Deployment & Installation disks of their solution. 3i Template IT Solutions will not provide any type of source code of the proposed solution; however 
Antivirus Client should ensure Antivirus in Server and all clients PC.

Software Module

1. In-Patient Information System

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Admission
  • Cash Register
  • Billing
  • Nursing Point
  • Discharge Certificate/Summary

2. Pharmacy Management System

  • Central Pharmacy
  • Outdoor Pharmacy
  • Indoor Pharmacy

3. Diagnostic Management System

4. Managerial Query

5. Doctor Prescription, Patient History

6. OPD Procedures [OPDP]

  • OPD Emergency
  • OPD OT
  • OPD Dialysis
  • OPD Physiotherapy
  • OPD Eye
  • OPD Dental
  • Others

7. Inventory Management System [IMS]

8. OT Scheduling Management System

  • Schedule Booking
  • Multiple Surgeon, Anesthetist and Asst. Entry
  • OT Duration, Date, OT Name etc.
  • Pre-Booking Entry Before Patient Admission
  • Reports & Queries



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