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Non-Customization Package

(Desktop Based Application With  NO CUSTOMIZATION)

Inventory Management System Software

Inventory Management System Software

Installation Charge: 3,000 /=

Renewable Charge Per Month: 500 /=

Support And Service:

  1. Client will ensure to pay 500 /= and Conveyance for each physical visit.
  2. Client must request for support through proper authority.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. There will be no modification/customization of software. But in special cases a very minimum customization could be done with payments.
  2. Client will ensure to pay the conveyance amount in advance.
  3. Monthly renewal fee must be ensure to pay by the client within 7 days of each month.
  4. Renewal Activation Key will not be generated/provided without receiving renewal fee.
  5. Client will ensure to keep database backup 3 times a day.
  6. Proper work environment must ensure by the client.
  7. An efficient and co-operative person would be assigned by the client.
  8. Any kinds of Hardware, Network, Printer, Server, Database and others not related to the software should be client responsibility.
  9. 3i Template IT Solutions will not provide any type of source code of the proposed solution.
  10. All payments should be made via “Accounts Pay”, issued in favor of 3i Template IT Solutions.
  11. Client must ensure and provide a minimum configuration level Database Server.
  12. Client should ensure installation of Windows Server 2003/2008 Operating System in Database Server.
  13. Client should ensure Antivirus in Server and all client PC if required.
  14. Client should ensure online connectivity for online support.



Module Breakdown

Purchase Order
Material received
Department indent
Department issue
Department Return
Store indent
Store transfer
Store return
Individual indent
Individual Issue
Individual return
Suppliers return
Purchase Requisition
Suppliers Payment


Inventory Management System Software | 3i Inventory








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