Pharmacy / Medicine / Drug Store Management Software

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Software Details

Software Nature: Desktop Based Application

Database: Oracle

This software is capable to handle your Pharmacy/Medicine Store stock management accurately as well as the financial transactions.

If you are a owner of a Pharmacy/Medicine shop, you can operate this software in a single or multiple PC (Persona Computer) within LAN (Local Area Network) environment.

Also if you have multiple Pharmacy/Medicine Store and want a centralized solution, in this case this is the best software solution for you.

This software can track of medicine receive, issue, returns, internal transfer etc. during operation.

It generates following reports/queries

1. Item Stock Statement
a. Item wise
b. Batch wise
c. Item wise as any date
2. Material Receive
a. Date wise summary
b. Date wise details
c. Supplier wise details
d. Item wise summary
3. Store transfer register
a. Transfer details
b. Transfer summary
c. Material wise summary
4. Department issue
a. Issue & Return Details
b. Issue & Return Summary
c. Material wise report
5. Stock Statement
a. Stock register
b. Batch wise stock
c. Stock statement as any date
d. Item wise stock
6. Other Queries
a. Adjustment details
b. Stock ledger
c. Expiry item query
d. Re-order level
e. IP Profitability statement
f. Revenue Statement