Special Offer on Pharmacy/Inventory/POS Management Software

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Non-Customization Package

Installation Charge: 3,000 /=

Renewable Charge Per Month: 500 /=

Support And Service:

  1. Client will ensure to pay 500 /= and Conveyance for each physical visit.
  2. Client must request for support through proper authority.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Client will ensure to pay the conveyance amount in advance.
  2. Monthly renewal fee must be ensure to pay by the client within 7 days of each month.
  3. Renewal Activation Key will not be generated/provided without receiving renewal fee.
  4. Client will ensure to keep database backup 3 times a day.
  5. Proper work environment must ensure by the client.
  6. An efficient and co-operative person would be assigned by the client.
  7. Any kinds of Hardware, Network, Printer, Server, Database and others not related to the software should be client responsibility.


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